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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Contest

About the money…

Q       Can we submit a project that has already been completed? In other words, get reimbursed for money we already spent?

A       No. The project entered for consideration may not be already completed. But…we’d love to hear about your project that involved your community in going “greener together!”

Q       Can we submit a project that has a budget of more than $1000?

A        Yes. The project entered for consideration may have a budget that is greater than $1000, if the source for the additional funding is identified and secured.

Q       Can the budget for the project be less than $1000?

A        Yes, the budget for the project can be less than $1000, but projects should be designed to take advantage of that level of funding. If the proposed project budget is substantially less than $1000, consider ways to expand or scale up the project to include more people or more actions. Or, consider how the project might benefit from funding for communication/PR for community outreach, team-building, color printing, etc. If the budget for the winning project is less than $1000, we will work with you to leverage the prize money to maximize the project’s impact.

Q       What can the prize money (award funds) be used for?

A        The prize money may be used to purchase things (like materials, supplies, equipment), or services (like an energy audit, or software/website development). It may not be used to pay staff salaries or wages.

Q       Can our project be a contest, with a cash prize to be paid from the $1000?

A        Yes, as long as your contest meets our contest criteria. There will be a tax liability for anyone who receives the money for personal use.

About the timing…

Q       Can we submit a project that is already underway?

A        Yes. We will consider a project that is already underway as long as (1) it meets our contest criteria within the January-April timeframe, and (2) the entry materials include a complete project timeline.

Q       Can we submit a project that won’t be completed in the first four months of 2014? Or will be an ongoing project, with no set completion date?

A        Yes, but the contest criteria must be met within the January-April timeframe.

Other Questions

Q       Who is eligible to participate?

A        Anyone 18 years old or older who lives, works, goes to school, or plays in the South Loop is eligible to participate. All it takes is a creative idea for engaging community members – like your neighbors, co-workers, fellow students, or friends – to go greener together, combined with a thoughtful plan to make it happen.

Q       What is the contest timeline?

October 20, 2013: Formal contest launch
November 22, 2013: Contest entries/proposals due
December 5, 2013: Winning Project announced at the Awards Event

Q       Do you have a template or an outline for a project plan or budget?

A        We can provide you with basic project planning tools. Please email us if you are interested:

Q       What are the requirements for the “final report?”

A        We will provide report requirements to the winning project, after December 5. In general, we are looking for confirmation that the project went according to the submitted timeframe and budget. This information will be useful to others who may want to replicate the project, or build on the experience. The report will be due by Friday, May 30.

Q       Who can I contact if I have questions about our project as we plan it?

A        Please send your question(s) to us at


Printable version – Greener Together_Frequently Asked Questions


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