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Greener Together – Contest Description and Requirements


  1. Review contest details and all required information.
  2. Address each requirement as directly and completely as possible. Extra points will not be rewarded for length, but the better we understand your proposed project, the better.
  3. Label each answer with the appropriate category and letter.
  4. The required line-item budget may be submitted as a separate file, or included in the narrative document.
  5. The complete proposal (contest entry) should not exceed 5 pages.
  6. Complete entry materials – emailed to – must be received by Friday, November 22, 2013.


  • This competition is open to anyone 18 and over who lives, works, goes to school, or plays in the South Loop.
  • This is a plan-build competition. Winner will be responsible for project planning through implementation.
  • This contest is not just about design; it is about action. Judges will look for the proposal that best draws people in to do something new or differently, with ideas that are engaging, relatively low-cost, and have a real environmental impact.
  • The winning project design will reflect thoughtful and comprehensive planning.


November 22, 2013: Contest entry materials are due via email attachment(s) to:
December 5, 2013: Winning project to be announced at Awards Event at Daystar Center
January-April, 2014: Implementation to be complete within 4 months
May 30, 2014: Brief report outlining the successful completion of the project and distribution of funds to be received by the Alliance within one month of project completion

Entry + Award Process

  • Become familiar with Required Information for Contest Entry
  • Provide all required information in enough detail to help judges understand what your project is and how it will work.
  • Email complete contest entry materials (proposals) by November 22, 2013. They will be reviewed by our panel of experts. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
  • Judges will announce the winner at the Awards Event, December 5, 2013. All contestants are invited to this event. Registration will be requested.

Judging Criteria

  • Environmental impact – 35%
  • Participation (number of participants and kind of participation) – 25%
  • Demonstrated ability to implement – 20%
  • Contribution to the City of Chicago’s Sustainability Plan – 15%
  • Ability to document/quantify impact – 5%

Award of Implementation Funds

  1. Winning entry will be granted a $1000 cash award to implement the project.
  2. Winning project agrees to submit to a brief report upon completion of project that describes project implementation, impact, and distribution of funds.

~ Please visit  project examples and FAQs for further information ~


Only entries that provide all required information will be considered.

    1. About You, Our Contest Contact, and Your Entry Materials
      1. First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial
      2. Phone #(s); E-mail Address
      3. Address of building/business/school/site, if applicable
      4. Filenames of materials submitted in support of this entry.
    2. About Your Community’s Participation
      1. Who will be targeted to participate in this project? (Neighbors? Congregation? Co-workers? Fellow students/school families?)
      2. How will you inform and motivate them to participate?
      3. How many people do you expect will participate in this project? (A realistic, estimated range will work.)
      4. What will participants actually do to make an environmental difference?
      5. Please include relevant experience you have in engaging community participation in a project, if any.
    3. About Your Project’s Environmental Impact
      1. Please indicate the City’s Sustainability Plan category(ies) to which your project will contribute. Please indicate all that apply.
        • Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy
        • Transportation
        • Water and Wastewater
        • Parks, Open Space, and Healthy Food
        • Waste and Recycling
        • Climate Change
      2. Please provide a brief description of the project’s environmental impact.
    4. Your Project Plan
      1. Project Budget
        • A line-item budget for the project is preferred. Otherwise, provide a specific description of the project budget.
        • Do you have funding for this project beyond the $1000 implementation award? If yes, please provide brief description, including source and what it will be used for.
      2. Timetable, with milestones within the four-month implementation period of January through April, 2014
        • Project Start  and End Dates
        • Milestones along the way (Steps and dates when steps will be completed)
        • Additional requirements or resources involved (if applicable). For example, donated equipment, materials, permits, etc.

Please indicate if this project is part of a larger effort. If so, please describe budget, timetable, and stakeholders.

OPTIONAL: Supporting Documentation

Please indicate if you will be providing optional supporting documentation (video, drawings, etc.). Videos may be no longer than 3 minutes, posted on YouTube with link submitted as supporting documentation.

QUESTIONS? Email your questions to


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Greener Together Contest Requirements


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