Alliance for a Greener South Loop

We are greener, together.

Greener Together – Project examples

Design Your Own Project

  •  A condo association makes low-flow showerheads available as “prizes” to owner/residents to reduce water consumption (or programmable thermostats to help reduce energy consumption, etc.). Prizes are awarded based on participation in some sort of fun environmental activity (like turning in electronic waste at a special collection event).
  •  Townhome association members get informed about stormwater management and decide to capture rainwater in rain barrels, or to use permeable pavement in common areas, etc.
  • A school designs and implements a composting program / worm composting that students help support and teachers use in programming. (See BetterBag on our Resource page for a potential partner on composting projects.)
  • Co-workers may plan a safe, secure place to store bikes to support more commuting by bike.

Engage with an Existing Program

Be clever about how to involve lots of neighbors or coworkers in a new or existing project, such as…
  • Partner with a local organization on an environmental project. Visit our Resources page to read about local organizations doing good things for the environment.
  • Engage residents in using data to help lower energy consumption, in anticipation of implementing the City’s Energy Benchmarking ordinance.
  • Take on Chicago’s Green Office Challenge , and focus a Greener Together project on one component. For example, how can you get the whole office to increase double-sided on printing, to reduce paper consumption (and waste)?
  • Leverage an activity you find elsewhere. For example,


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