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Shared Air/Shared Action, 2017 Updates

Shared Air /Shared Action is an EPA-funded research project that the Alliance for a Greener South Loop is participating in, with 3 other environmental groups along with University of Illinois at Chicago, Kansas State University, the Respiratory Health Association, and The Delta Institute.

Poor air quality continues to have profound effects on health, especially on children and seniors, and the EPA wants to learn more about how communities can be engaged to deal with air quality issues on a local level.

The project involves residents monitoring air quality in their communities, using small portable air monitors – either walking through the community or “hosting” a monitor on their property.

South Loop locations for stationary monitors and routes for mobile monitoring have been identified to help answer these kinds of questions, contributed by our Advisory Team:

–  When/where are our most vulnerable residents – children and seniors – at most (or least) risk of breathing bad air?

–  How does the commuter traffic affect our air?

–  Does having trees or bushes in front of a place of work, residence, or school affect the amount of pollutants we take in?

–  What are we breathing when we walk past construction sites?

–  Is living/working near the main public transportation routes good for access but bad for our health?

The Alliance for a Greener South Loop is looking for volunteers to participate in the project monitoring during September. Please contact Cathi Ortiz, for more information:


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