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Happy Earth Day, 2016!

As another Earth Day approaches, we reflect on all the ways a community can go greener, together. Will you join friends and neighbors to…

  • Learn about and share your thoughts about the future of the Chicago River? All Chicago residents are invited to hear about the vision and help move toward reaching our rivers’ full potential! The first meeting is Thursday, April 14, 2016 at Ping Tom Memorial Park, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., with the main presentation taking place at 6:15 p.m. Please note: Because of space constraints, we ask that residents RSVP for the meeting they plan to attend. Registration is free. RSVP to attend the first public meeting on April 14 at Ping Tom Memorial Park  here. Other meetings are available if you can’t make this one. Click here to check out the full schedule.
  • Clean up your neighborhood park?  Both the Chicago Park District (Sat. April 16) and Friends of the Parks (Sat. April 23) are supporting clean up activities.
  • Sign up to help with cleaning up the Chicago River?
  • Become a member of Divvy and ride a blue bike all over town? (Don’t forget your helmet!)
  • Promote better recycling?
  • Explore composting?  (see below)

Let us know your favorite Earth Day activity! Email us:

About Composting

Have you been thinking about composting but just can’t swing it where you live? Good news! Now there is way to keep your food scraps out of the landfill without undertaking your own composting operation! Jon Scheffel has launched his Healthy Soil Compost service, which offers customers two ways to return food to soil, for a small fee.
1) Bring your food scraps to the South Loop Farmers Market. Not sure what schedule is for 2016. Stay tuned!
2) Sign up for year-round at-home pick-up service

Drop-off Fee Info: Starter kits of $7 with 2-gal or 5-gal containers (or use your own container); Drop-off prices per volume of material: 2-gal = $4 and 5-gal=$7. Anything less, please make a donation to the service.

Interested? Ways to contact Jon:
Visit: South Loop Farmers Market (see hours, location below)
Phone: 312-927-4778
Website (currently under construction):

Check out a full Event Recap  of our March 2015 Composting Workshop, including additional composting materials and event hand-outs and photos!


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