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Shared Air/Shared Action: An Air-Quality Monitoring Project

The Alliance for a Greener South Loop is participating in “Shared Air/Shared Action” a new, EPA-funded project to monitor air quality in four Chicago neighborhoods (the other 3: Little Village, East Side, Riverdale).

This project will help us understand how the air we breathe in the South Loop compares to air in communities that have a history of air pollution and environmental justice issues. We will be doing outreach to educate folks about air quality issues and engage them by using volunteer community scientists to monitor air quality.

It is a great opportunity to build connections to people and communities around common environmental issues. We can join our voice with others to bring attention to problems and together explore plans and policies that can help address them.

Working with our community organizations, we will be scheduling presentations to let people know more details about air quality, in general, what the Alliance for a Greener South Loop’s role in the project will be, and ways we hope to engage the community – including recruiting citizen scientists to help us monitor air quality!

Interested in learning more about the role of citizen scientists on this project? Contact Alliance for a Greener South Loop





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