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Greener Together Contest


The South Loop | Greener Together contest is now closed for 2013. Stay tuned for developments from the winning project, Ride Your Bike for a Week – by Delia Bleahu and Kelly Smoots of Youth Guidance of South Loop Elementary.

Click here for more details about the event.

What is the South Loop | Greener Together Contest?

This year, for the 5th anniversary of our Greener South Loop Awards, we will be awarding a $1000 cash prize to implement a winning proposal that engages folks to go GREENER TOGETHER in the South Loop.

The South Loop | Greener Together Contest will award the money to winners of the most engaging and green community project for the South Loop. Let’s break that down. . .

What’s “engaging?” – a project that lots of folks will actually participate in.

What’s “green?” – a project that makes an environmental impact (and  contributes to the City’s Sustainability Plan).

What’s a “community?” – people who have something in common, such as: living, working, teaching/learning, or playing. Your neighbors, co-workers, fellow students/school family members, club members…You get the idea.

To sum it up, the Winning Project will be well-thought out, with a clear environmental focus, a way to actively engage community members, a budget, and … a four-month implementation timeline. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE CONTEST REQUIREMENTS.

The winning prize of $1000, funded by our Contest Sponsors, will be awarded to implement the project.

What is the Contest Timetable?

October 20, 2013 Formal contest launch
November 22, 2013 Contest entries/proposals due
December 5, 2013 Winning Project, chosen by our panel of experts, announced at the Awards Event
January – April, 2014 Distribution of the cash award is contingent on a four-month implementation plan.

Want to learn more?

Click here for some project examples
Click here for the Contest Requirements
Click here to for Frequently Asked Questions about the contest


Download the poster to help promote the contest
Download the Press Release



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